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December 2012 Update

I confess.  :-)  This website is woefully out of date.  The blog, however, is reasonably current.

Our work in Bali continues and the need for assistance remains as pressing as always

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Update on the Water Tank Project

Once again we visited the village of Seraya, located on the side of a volcano in the very far east end of Bali.  Quite challenging living conditions, to say the least, considering that the people in this village live for several months each year with absolutely no local water source.  Twenty-three water storage tanks have now been completed, with another five funded and under construction.  

This is important progress

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Success Stories

Warsi Warsi

Warsi grew up in Orphanage II in Blimbingsari. Upon graduation from high school she continued her education at a local university with the help of the Widhya Asih Foundation. Now, at the age of 26 and married to a young man (who also grew up in Orphanage II and is now a schoolteacher), Warsi is doing a fine job as coordinator of the Foundation’s Community Development for Children (CDC) Projects in East Bali. (How’s that for “growing your own”?)

Dessie Dessie

Dessie grew up in Orphanage IV in Untal-Untal. With the help of the Foundation she continued her education studying Management at University. Now, having graduated with a fine school record, Dessie has been hired as the new Treasurer of Orphanage IV. Another wonderful case of homegrown talent.

Candra Candra

Candra came to Orphanage IV at the age of 12 after her father had placed her at a local market for manual laborers in support of construction projects. Shortly thereafter, a friend of the orphanage suggested that Candra live at the orphanage so she could continue her education. Candra is now 18 years old and one year away from graduating from Vocational High School. She already has additional training and employment arranged at the Dhyana Pura Beach Resort in Seminyak, Bali. Nice going for Candra.

Siska Siska

Siska came to Orphanage IV at the age of 12 because her parents wanted her to have a better chance at a future life than they could possibly provide for her. Her hard work, high grades, and strong results in passing the Indonesian National Examinations have now qualified her to enter university to study for a degree in English. We’re proud of Siska and look forward to following her progress as she participates in the Scholarship Fund and continues her studies.

Yasmini Yasmini

Yasmini lived in the Untal-Untal orphanage for 12 years. Now, having completed four years in University, she is gainfully employed as a schoolteacher in Tabanan. Recently married to Ketut, a maintenance mechanic in the Indonesian Air Force, she and Ketut recently welcomed a beautiful daughter into their family.

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The Widhya Asih Foundation

Widhya Asih means : Knowledge and Love

The Widhya Asih Foundation is a Christian based non-profit organization committed to helping the impoverished people of Bali break their entrenched cycle of poverty through education, providing fresh water and other essentials of life, and offering health care to those having no practical access.

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